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storm-drain-upgradeThis home has a garage that is lower than the grade. It had issues with flooding during heavy rainstorms. In time, the flooding got worse because the one and only drain in the middle of the driveway could not handle nearly as much flow as it did when it was new. That is when your friendly neighborhood Freedom Plumbers plumbing, drain & septic experts got involved.

Our underground team upgraded the existing storm drain, ran it to a new #FrenchDrain then connected the same to a new, battery backup, sump pump system. Now the whole thing discharges out the back of the house and away from the structure.

Great Work Team Freedom Plumbers!

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A whole house drain inspection is included for free while we are there.

Basement Flooding?

Our team is also equipped with LED cameras that offer a first-hand look at the problem. By using this technology, we can pinpoint precisely what is causing your drain to be backed up. This saves you money and time, allowing our professionals to accurately target the right area.

We pride ourselves on transparency and efficiency. Unlike some other plumbing companies, when we save you time and money, we win as well. We look where the sun never shines. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to have your drains cleaned: 703-215-9865.

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