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Grease Trap Replacement Job and Video

Freedom Plumbers – Grease Trap Replacement My name is Ricky Salinas and I’m with Freedom Plumbers and Pumpers Septic & Drain. And for today, I would like it if you would join us for a grease trap replacement in Leesburg, Virginia. We had the opportunity to work for a major restaurant chain and help them […]

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Helpful Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Plumbing Tips Homeowners Need to Know Thanks to our vast industry experience, Freedom Plumbers knows a thing or two about keeping residential plumbing systems in good condition. Our talented team has seen and done it all, from simple repairs to complex pipeline replacement projects. Through it all, we’ve helped homeowners throughout Washington DC, Baltimore, and […]

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April Showers Tend To Flood Basements!

April Showers are coming… Inspect your Sump Pump for $49.50 Your home will thank you for it! This home has a garage that is lower than the grade. It had issues with flooding during heavy rainstorms. In time, the flooding got worse because the one and only drain in the middle of the driveway could […]

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Sewer Snake Drain Cleaning

How often do you clean your drains? We are going to make an assumption that because you are on our website, the answer is almost never. And this is not a negative attribute, in fact, most people don’t clean their drains. Because you are taking initiative to find a professional drain cleaning service, this makes […]

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Tips on Caring for Your Septic Tank

Septic Tank Care Manassas & Fairfax County Whether you’ve just moved into a home with a septic tank or you’ve had one for years but want to avoid problems that stem from improper upkeep and aging, we have a few tips on how to keep your N. Virginia County septic tank system running smoothly. Certain […]

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How Frozen Pipes Are Repaired!

Brr Frozen Pipes Are No Fun! In Northern Virginia, your pipes are susceptible to freezing which means that you need to be able to rely on pipe professionals that can repair your frozen pipes with efficiency and care. Our team at Freedom Plumbers & Pumpers specializes in a variety of plumbing and drain repair services […]

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Keep your holidays fabulous — and your drains clear this year!

Sink clogged? Do Your Drains Need Holiday Cleaning? Even this crazy year, the holidays are due — and will hopefully be about love and about family. About gratitude, and expressing thanks. And, of course, about the enjoyment of making meals and giving gifts. Unfortunately, however, the holiday season frequently can also be derailed by plumbing […]

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Manassas House of Mercy Canned Food Drive 2020

Donation Drive for Manassas House of Mercy Call and schedule your Septic, Drain & Plumbing service today and get up to $25 OFF for your canned food donation of 3 cans or more. Let’s all come together to help our community. We at Freedom Plumbers & Pumpers will match your generous donations can-for-can until 12/31/20. […]

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5 Signs Your Drain Pipes Need Service

Need Local Drain Pipes Service? Got a clogged drain or is there something strange going on with your plumbing but you’re not sure if you need professional help? With so many DIY options out there, it can be difficult to differentiate when it’s time to give Freedom Plumbers a call. Here are the top 5 […]

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When you get repairs from us it’s never a gamble!

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services When you get your clogged drain cleared by us it’s never a gamble. From now until the end of the month we will give you a free scratch off ticket with every drain cleaning service booked to use your luck on instead. We take great pride in serving our residential […]

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