Common Plumbing Problems: Cracked Pipes

signs-your-pipes-are-crackedOur team at Freedom Plumbers specializes in a variety of services to tackle your most common plumbing problems. We service residential and commercial customers in Fairfax, Virginia, with state-of-the-art services they can count on at an affordable price. Your sewer and drain pipes work hard to provide your home or business with clean water and allow waste to flow away from your property. When your drains are constantly being used and not properly maintained, issues can lead to larger damage within your pipe system. At Freedom Plumbers, our team understands that your pipes will experience problems that require repair, so we are your leading expert in cracked pipe repair. » About Us

Signs Your Pipes are Cracked

When you are experiencing pipe problems, it can be hard to tell if your pipes need a simple cleaning or complete repair. It can be easy to avoid calling for professional assistance with your drains when there are many do-it-yourself pipe methods to choose from. However, DIY methods of solving your pipe problems are not going to get the job done right, and they will allow the real issue to become worse. We want you to be able to stay proactive about your pipe health which is why it is essential for you to understand signs that could indicate your pipes are more than clogged, but instead, cracked.

If you are experiencing the following, your residential or commercial pipes are likely cracked or fractured: * Low water pressure * Loss of hot water * Bubbling noises coming from your drains * Wet spots on the interior or exterior of your property * Unpleasant odors * Unusually high-water bill

No matter what pipe problems you are experiencing, our team will repair your pipes based on your unique needs.

Cracked Pipe Repair Fairfax, Virginia

All of the sewer and drain repair services we offer at Freedom Plumbers are highly reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. It is our goal to ensure your pipes are taken care of in the most effective way possible. Our cracked pipe repair services are precise due to pipe inspections that take place at the beginning of every visit.

Sewer Camera Inspections are extremely effective because they allow our team to look within your pipes to identify where your pipes are cracked and exactly what caused the cracking to occur. First, we will locate a cleanout hole or access point on your Fairfax, Virginia property that gains entry into your system. Then, we will insert a high-resolution camera into your pipe, moving it through your system to present us with a live-feed of your pipeline. Once we locate the crack or cracks within your pipe, we can understand what caused your pipes to crack whether it was something like frozen water causing your pipe to expand, pinhole leaks that allowed for tree root invasion, or calcified clogs and debris that built up within an area of your pipe. To fix your cracked pipes, we will use trenchless technology to rehabilitate and restore them to their former function.

Pipe Lining is a trenchless technology that repairs your pipes from within. The pipe lining process uses the same access point that was established during the inspection. We repair your cracked pipes by saturating a felt liner with epoxy. Once the liner is completely saturated, we insert it into your cracked pipe, and as it moves through, it coats the interior with the epoxy resin that will harden in place to form a brand-new pipe inside of your existing on. The liner is left in place to harden for several hours or 60 minutes if heat is used. When complete, the liner is removed, and your pipes are inspected one more time to ensure the liner is properly in place.

Let Us Repair Your Damaged Pipes Today

Repairing your cracked pipes is easy and fast. Pipelining allows your pipes to be used immediately leaving you with satisfying results. If you are experiencing pipe issues, contact our team to come out to your Fairfax, Virginia home or business to solve your cracked pipe problems with pipe repair today.