DIY Plumbing & Drain Tricks n’ Tips

We all know that Plumbing and Drain Cleaning are two of the most repetitive home repair & service issues. From no hot water to a kitchen sink that won’t go down no matter what you do.

Here are some easy to do, plumbing tips and drain clog clearing tricks to keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

Clogged Sink Drain:

Specifically, bathroom sinks. Soap scum and hair are two of the biggest causes for these sinks to back up all the time. Why? Two words. “Sink Trap”.

Your local Home store typically has a plumbing department. In that plumbing department, you will find tools that they recommend using to clear drain clogs. Amongst those tools, you will find a “Hair Grabbing” tool that can reach through the sink stopper and into the sink trap. You can find this tool at your local Home Depot. Click on the following link for details:

hair grabber tooldrain cleaning tool

If the above doesn’t work, not to worry, Freedom Plumbers has your clogged drain clearing or plumbing problems covered. Call or text 703-895-4109 to schedule your Same Day Plumber. We’re available 24/7 days a week to serve you.

Winterizing & De-Winterizing your Outdoor Faucets

With the Spring Season comes outdoor leaks season. Why? because most homeowners have not been informed of this very simple to do, water leak prevention procedure. Follow these simple steps every fall and you will save hundreds of dollars each year in Plumbing Calls.

a. Turn on the outside water faucet
b. Go inside and turn off the Shut Off valve that serves that outside faucet.
c. Leave the outdoor faucet open throughout the winter.
d. Once Spring comes around, all you have to do is turn the inside Shut Off valve back on and head outside to shut off the faucet. Reconnect your garden hose and let us bring that yard back to life.

If the above seems complicated, or you have questions, please call 703-895-4109 and ask for Ricky, we’re always glad to be of service.