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Professional Drain Cleaning 

Leave your plumbing system to the plumbing professionals. After thirty years in the industry, our team knows a thing or two about drain cleaning! Household drain cleaners cause more harm than good for your pipes. Put down the Drain and pick up your phone to call Freedom Plumbers. Our drain cleaning team will be out to your Fairfax home before you know it.

Our staff comes equipped with state-of-the-art sewer and drain cleaning equipment. Our technicians have years of knowledge and industry expertise, so there isn’t a problem they can’t fix. Whether you’re dealing with clogged drains, foul odors, or you’re unsure what’s going on inside your pipeline, we’re the team to call. Our professionals utilize high-definition sewer cameras to inspect drainpipes and make effective repairs. Regardless of whether you have a drain emergency or just want to schedule a routine drain cleaning, we’re the local team for the job.

Do I Need Drain Cleaning?

How can you tell if your drains need cleaning? Homeowners will experience unpleasant odors stemming from showers and sinks. You may notice drain flies hovering in kitchens and bathrooms. After a shower, water will take longer to filter through the drain system, and mildew rings appear. If you listen closely, you may hear strange gurgling noises coming from your walls. These are all signs of drain issues. To repair these problems, call Freedom Plumber to give your drains a proper cleaning.

Why Drain Cleaning Is Essential

Your drain is a horizontal pipe. It’s usually located in your basement or beneath your property. Drain pipes are strong and made from cast iron or copper. While drain pipes are durable, even the toughest materials require maintenance from time to time. It’s essential to regularly clean your drains because they are frequently used. If your drain line isn’t in tip-top shape, blockages and plumbing emergencies occur. Regular maintenance prevents expensive problems for homeowners and keeps your home running smoothly.

Drains Get a Lot of Use

Drain pipes carry away wastewater from your kitchen, bathroom, and any other home room hooked up to a plumbing system. Simply put, your drain gets a lot of use. To keep your drain line healthy, schedule regular cleanings. Most homeowners don’t correctly maintain their drain pipes, which is why plumbing emergencies and drain backups occur.

Drain Cleanings Prevent Buildup

When your drains receive regular cleanings, you experience fewer clogs and blockages. No matter how careful you are about what you flush down your toilet or sink, waste builds up over time. This creates large clogs. The longer the clogs sit in your pipeline, the worse they become. Buildup creates foul odors, attracts drain flies, and causes slow drainage. They can lead to mildew and mold formation throughout your property. Worse of all, blockages are heavy and stress your pipes. If the buildup contains harmful materials, it can corrode your interior pipeline. All of this makes your drain line less durable and shortens its lifespan. Fortunately, these problems can be avoided with regular drain cleaning sessions from Freedom Plumbers.

Regular Maintenance Saves Money

While drain cleaning sessions cost a few dollars upfront, they save homeowners from expensive plumbing emergencies. If you ignore your drain line, minor damages grow, creating an emergency repair. Little leaks turn into large ones that require complete pipe replacements. Minor vegetation can develop into full-grown tree root invasions that wrap around your pipes and crush them. A tiny clog that could be easily destroyed may spread deep enough to cause complete drain failure.

All of these are frustrating and expensive repairs for homeowners to deal with. With regular drain cleanings from Freedom Plumber’s certified technicians, homeowners know everything is under control in their drains. High-definition sewer camera inspections reveal your pipe’s health and our sewer snaking services clear blockages before they grow out of control. Do your future self a favor by scheduling a drain cleaning today.

Top Things to Avoid Flushing Down Your Drain

As a homeowner, you should know what’s good and bad for your drain line. When it comes to protecting your pipes, keep harmful substances away. Only natural materials should be sent down your sinks and flushed down your toilets. Certain elements get stuck in drains. Harmful substances create buildup, cause back-flows, and harm your pipe’s interior lining.
What should you avoid flushing down your sink or toilet?

Here are a few of the most damaging materials for your drain:

  • Hair: It easily clogs and tangles in your pipes. Instead, toss hair in the trash to keep it far away from your drain.
  • Needles: These are unhygienic and wreak havoc on your pipes. Needles scratch and damage your interior pipes. Wrap them in bathroom tissue and toss them in a disposal bin.
  • Dental Floss: As healthy as the floss is for your pearly whites, it’s not the best for your drain line. Floss is not biodegradable and can’t dissolve in your pipes. Dental floss buildup clogs pipes. Throw dental floss in the garbage instead of down the toilet.
  • Coffee Grounds: Rather than flush coffee grounds into your sink, throw them into a compost pile. They make excellent fertilizer but are horrible for your drains. Coffee grounds don’t break down and too much buildup causes drain clogs.
  • Household Cleaners: Harsh chemicals, such as bleach and laundry detergent, corrode pipes and make them less durable. Try not to contaminate your plumbing and keep these types of household products far away from your drains.
  • Diapers: It might be easy to toss a used diaper into your toilet and send it on its way, but a few diapers in your pipeline create severe backups. Instead, toss diapers into a safe and hygienic diaper bin.
  • Construction Materials: Paint, wood chips, and other household project materials shouldn’t be flushed down your sink or toilet. These substances stick to your pipes interior walls, which isn’t healthy for your plumbing system.
  • FOGs: Keep the fat, oils, and grease far away from your drain line. Restaurant owners must use specially designed grease traps to prevent FOGs from contaminating their plumbing system. While you may not need quite as elaborate of a device, avoid throwing fats, greases, and oils down your sinks to help your pipeline stay safe and strong.

No matter how careful you are, these harmful materials may still find their way into your drain line. Routine drain cleanings destroy buildup and keep your pipes functioning. Without professional drain cleanings, these materials prevent wastewater from flowing away from your property.

If you have clogged drains, it’s likely due to buildup from these types of products. But don’t worry; the qualified team at Freedom Plumbers can eliminate blockages and clean your drains if needed. For future reference, try to refrain from flushing harmful materials into your drain line. This will help you experience fewer clogs, blockages, and buildup in your plumbing system.

Drain Cleaning Services

You don’t have to wait for an emergency to schedule drain cleaning services. In fact, we prefer you didn’t want until your home is flooded to call our team. Schedule routine drain cleaning sessions to prevent plumbing problems. Our team performs top-notch preventative drain cleaning assistance to clear out your pipes and keep waste flowing away from your property. With routine cleanings, you won’t have to worry about a harmful (and expensive) plumbing repair in the future.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer cameras are high-definition and waterproof video equipment. They allow us to conduct thorough drain line evaluations. With the help of the video footage, our technicians clearly identify the cause of your problem. Once we know what’s creating the buildup within your pipes, our professional team can make fast and efficient repairs.

A sewer camera is attached to a flexible rod. The rod is inserted into your pipeline through verified entry points. A sewer camera inspection does not require excavation and is minimally invasive. The camera snakes have bright LED lights so our operator can clearly see your interior pipeline.

Once inside your pipeline, the rod and camera are controlled by a certified operator. The operator takes a careful and precise video of your interior drain line. We make observations in real-time, but also record the footage for further analysis. We make note of any cracks, punctures, corrosion, misaligned pipes, grease buildup, and tree root invasions.

Once our technicians have a clear understanding of what’s going on within your pipeline, they make necessary repairs. Our specialists review the footage with homeowners so they can see the problems their drain line faces. If we observe potential issues that could cause damage later (such as aging pipes), our team will give you advice on preventative measures. Camera inspections are useful and save homeowners from severe plumbing emergencies later down the road.

Sewer Snaking

Our top-of-the-line sewer snaking equipment efficiently dislodges drain blockages. Freedom Plumbers is made up of trained technicians who safely use snaking equipment without harming your pipes. DIY snaking tools may seem easy-to-use, but most homeowners harm their pipes and make clogs worse. It takes a skilled and patient professional to safely operate a plumber’s snake and dislodge buildup.

We utilize sewer snaking equipment in order to:

    • Reduce pipe blockages and break up clogs
    • Eliminate foul odors within your drain line
    • Clear your drain line
    • Prevent future buildup within your plumbing system
    • Save customers money

Sewer snakes are effective and safe ways to clear clogs. Chemical cleaners wear away at your pipes and corrode them. Weakened pipes are more susceptible to clogging again or failing entirely.

Sewer snaking allows our technicians to break up materials within your drain line and remove them from your plumbing system. The equipment breaks apart buildup to enable water flow. It can tear through waste, debris, tree roots, and other harmful materials.

Once the buildup has been dislodged, our technicians safely dispose of leftover waste. It’s essential to completely clear your drain line to prevent future problems. Professional snaking services won’t hurt your pipeline. Our methods remove harmful materials and extend your drain’s lifespan. Preventative snaking services ensure your plumbing line remains in tip-top condition. Snaking is the most effective way to remove buildup and keep your drains in excellent condition.

Emergency Drain Cleaning

We understand plumbing emergencies happen to the best of us. If you experience a severe drain line problem, don’t hesitate to call our team. Our qualified technicians will inspect your drains and will not leave until everything is functioning correctly again.

Drain and sewer line emergencies range from large clogs to burst pipes. If these issues are not handled correctly, they cause water damage throughout your property. Clogs lead to foul odors and drain flies. Drain buildup prevents you from using your sinks and showers. A burst pipeline causes flooding in your basement and creates unsanitary living conditions. If your drains flood, lay towels on your floor to soak up excess water and prevent further damage.

Call our emergency service line, and our expert technicians will arrive at your residence as quickly as possible.
We offer emergency services in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. We understand plumbing issues arise at any time of the day, so don’t hesitate to contact our emergency line.

Local residents don’t have to worry about drain damages when they have Freedom Plumbers around. We take pride in our fast, efficient, and affordable emergency drain services.

Homeowners in Fairfield know they’re in capable hands when it comes to preventative and emergency plumbing repairs.

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Look no further than your local drain cleaning professionals at Freedom Plumbers for cleaning your drain line. Not only are we locally owned, but our business has been operating for over thirty years. Our professional staff has top-rated equipment. Our techs utilize sewer cameras and snaking devices guaranteed to leave your drains cleaner than ever. We’re happy to provide regular sewer maintenance and drain cleanings in addition to our emergency services.

Call your trusted technicians at Freedom Plumbers for all of your drain cleaning and septic pumping needs.