Seeing Drain Flies?

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Drain flies do not come up from your pipes or drains, rather they come from outdoors to the drain when they smell the organic matter they need to breed. Drain flies get into your home through tiny holes in the floors or walls.

Drain fly

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Drain flies are most active in the evening when they congregate around sinks and drains where they are harmless, yet a persistent annoyance.

Another source for drain flies is a broken pipe or leak, under the slab, kitchen branch line, and contaminated foundation soil. The mixture of the soil under the slab and proteins and nutrients found in kitchen wastewater create prime breeding grounds for these sewer flies.

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If you notice drain flies all over the basement and in other areas of the home, call Freedom Plumbers. Our Sewer & Water Pipe Specialists are highly trained and have the right equipment to help you find the source of all your sewer fly problems. From sewer video inspections to smoke testing Freedom Plumbers has your plumbing needs covered. We can fix the pipe break or breach and advise you with the best course of action for how to keep your plumbing system functioning properly.

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Image credit: Judy Gallagher Moth Fly – Clogmia species, Woodbridge, Virginia
These are also known as Drain Flies, as their larvae live in the organic sludge inside drain pipes and sewers.