Emergency Flooding Repair…

As hurricanes and weather events come in from the East Coast they bring torrential rain and historic flooding to the N. Virginia area, and the entire eastern seaboard is at risk of flash flooding and flood warning advisories.

It’s important to be aware of all safety advisories and official announcements from your local authorities.

After the storm is over, it’s important to protect your home and property from further damage and flooding that can occur.

Flooded out drain pipes, sewer systems, water pipes, sump pumps, and other first floor and basement problems are extremely common in large weather flooding events and rainstorms that occur before, after and during hurricanes and the storms that can come along with them.

After storms are over, clogged backed up and flooded out sewer and sewage systems can be a nightmare to fix. You might need more than just a plumber if your drain pipes or water pipes have been exposed to any waste, floodwaters or other backups.

For any homeowner with an on-site sump pump, you might need to have it pumped both before and after any substantial flooding that might affect our immediate area. Most sump pumps are designed to leak at the bottom of their tanks, and flooding can throw off this design and release toxic and dangerous waste into your home and property.

Freedom Plumbers can perform inspections and investigations before performing any work, and trenchless repairs can skip digging and damaging your home.

Call 703-895-4109 if you’re having any issues or simply want to be prepared. Don’t let your insurance make the calls!

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