Emergency Sewer Clog Services

Freedom Plumbers proudly offers emergency clog removal services in sewer lines across Fairfax, Virginia. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is ready to assist all of our customers.

How to Know When the Drains are Clogged

When the sewer lines in residential and commercial buildings become clogged, there are a number of symptoms that can be attributed to these problems. Our team takes the time to identify these problems during our visit on our customer’s property, and these include:

• Odors permeating the home and originate at the drain
• Flooding in the basement, kitchen, or bathrooms
• Sewage backups in the sinks and tubs
• Water in the sinks and bathtubs draining slowly

Slow drainage and standing water will quickly become a hindrance to everyday tasks and if not addressed, the choked flow of wastewater may cause the pipes to burst as a result of the strain and pressure placed on the system.If left unaddressed, raw sewage, wastewater, and other unsanitary materials may back up into the yard or lawn. Our team prepares for these situations and is ready to meet our customer’s requirements when we receive a call for sewer line.

What We Do to Fix Emergency Sewer Pipeline Problems

When we receive a call regarding a pipeline emergency, we take preliminary steps to prevent further property damage. After arriving on your property, if these steps haven’t already been implemented, we will suggest these essential steps:

• Turning off the water services to avoid placing more strain on the pipeline system

• Setting down old towels to soak up the excess water

• Evacuating the vicinity of the leak or accident for safety

• After we have taken the necessary steps to promote a safe repair environment for reversing the damage, we will begin the cleaning and restorative processes.

How We Clean the Sewer Lines & Remove Clogs.

We purposefully avoid using chemical cleaner solutions of any kind. Chemical cleaners only work on minor clogs and are harmful to people and the pipes. Chemical cleaners burn and irritate lungs and skin and add to the degradation of your piping system. Chemicals break down the pipe, making it easier for it to crack, break, and require repairs.

Instead, our technicians use a process called drain snaking to clean drains and remove clogs because it is the best way to clean any piping system. It is very versatile and does not require any digging. Using a highly pressurized stream of water, any clogs or sludge that may cause a clog in the future is blasted out of the system. This is the best solution since it acts as both an effective way to remove even the toughest clogs and it also is preventative. Your pipes will serve you and work better for longer since any build-up that could cause a clog in the near future will be removed. Drain snaking is a longer-term fix that will not harm your pipes. Our technicians go above and beyond and will not only fix your immediate problem but also inspect your pipes to see what is causing the clog. If there is an underlying issue, you will continue to have clogged pipes unless it is addressed.

Even though controllable debris such as grease and hair sometimes cause a clog, many things could be out of your control. Tree roots can travel over 20 feet in search of nutrients. While on this search, they may pierce your system, causing a clog and a crack that must be addressed to stop the clogs from occurring. Old cast iron pipes, over time, can go through a process called tuberculation, where the pipe’s interior breaks down, causing jagged edges that catch debris that may be passing through. These problems and other issues that are seemingly out of your control should be addressed immediately. If not, pressure may cause the pipes to burst; materials may leak into the ground, possibly contaminating the water table and other possible emergency-causing situations.

The Benefits of Calling Freedom Plumbers to Fix Emergency Sewer Pipe Accidents in Fairfax.

Our technicians are highly trained and equipped with the highest quality equipment. They can look into your pipes using their LED cameras to see what is causing your problem. Every problem is different, and at Freedom Plumbers, we believe you deserve a personalized solution. Failure is never an option for, us and we value you as a customer most of a, ll so we will always be upfront with you and honest in what you do or do not need. We take pride in having the best service at the most competitive rates through our transparency and honesty in our work.

Through a sewer camera inspection, we will be able to detect any problems that may be occurring and anything that may happen in the future. You can rest assured that our licensed and insured plumbing professionals know precisely what they are doing and will always find the perfect solution for you.

With Freedom Plumbers, drain cleaning is the best preventative measure and will ensure your system is always working well. Our systems not only get rid of the clog and any other problems but also allow us to inspect your pipes for any more significant problems that may be going on. Scheduling an annual drain cleaning will encourage effective maintenance practices and ensure that your sewer pipelines are more efficient, last longer, and discourage major accidents and emergencies from occurring again shortly.

Call Freedom Plumbers to Fix Emergency Sewer Line Clogs in Fairfax

If you notice slow drainage or any other signs of a clogged drain, call right away. The sooner you can catch it the less likely you are to be caught with burst pipes or some emergency. We are always professional and will treat your property like it is our own with the highest cleanliness standards.

Because our customers are our highest priority, we are dedicated to bringing you the least stress at the highest value and will always offer reasonable rates. Call Freedom Plumbers today for the best services in the industry!