Have A Fractured Pipe?

Broken plumbing pipes are a worst-case scenario for many homeowners. Nobody likes to think about the mess and stress of dealing with water damage and flooding, but fractured pipes are a very real possibility, and as the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Freedom Plumbers can help you proactively repair your fractured pipes in a timely manner to avoid problems in the future. Let’s take a closer look at what causes pipes to fracture, and what to do if this problem happens to you.

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Why Do Pipes Fracture?

The most common cause of broken plumbing pipes in the Fairfax, Virginia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., area is winter weather. Since water expands as it freezes, it puts more pressure on the walls of the pipes, which can eventually cause them to fracture.

You may not immediately notice a burst pipe, especially if the break is small. However, there are some easy ways to spot signs of a broken pipe using your senses of sight and smell. The following are some symptoms of a fractured pipe:

  • Flooding: If you notice water pooling on the floor, or if your water bill goes up while your monthly water use remains the same, you have a flood.
  • Bubbling walls: If you have a less obvious water leakage, you might notice the paint or wallpaper on your walls bubbling up.
  • Mold growth: Mold is another sign of excess moisture. If you notice mold growing on your walls or ceiling, you should suspect a broken pipe.
  • Patches of lush greenery: When a pipe in the outdoor portion of your sewer system breaks, your lawn will flood. If you see one area of your yard where the grass is much greener and healthier-looking than usual, it’s probably sitting atop a fractured pipe.
  • Sewage smell: A noticeable sewage smell is one of the most obvious signs of a broken pipe. Sewage gas is not only toxic, but highly explosive, so if you have this problem, you should call the experts at Freedom Plumbers immediately to keep your home and family safe.

How to Repair Fractured Pipes

Besides the damage a broken pipe can cause to a home, many homeowners dread plumbing problems because they are worried the repair process will be expensive, disruptive and time-consuming. However, that doesn’t have to be the case when you choose a plumbing company that specializes in dig-free techniques.

Trenchless techniques allow our technicians to access and repair your pipes underground, without excavating the entire sewer line. In many cases, we can use a specially formulated epoxy resin liner to rehabilitate your existing pipeline by creating a new pipe within the current one. If the fractured pipe is severely damaged, we will purposely shatter it while slotting a new pipe into place at the same time using an approach called pipe bursting.

In all cases, trenchless repairs are much more cost-effective and have a shorter turnaround time than traditional approaches that require digging up the entire pipe. There’s no property damage to worry about, and because it uses less equipment and manpower, it’s also kinder to the environment.

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