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Whether you’re hearing gurgling noises from your drains, smelling noticeable whiffs of sewage odors or you have water pooling around your ankles at the end of your daily shower, you have reason to suspect a plumbing problem has developed. We service customers in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Fairfax, Virginia area. Your first instinct may be to try a DIY fix, but even if you are fairly handy when it comes to home improvement projects, trying to fix your plumbing on your own will often make the problems worse.

When you’re looking for a professional plumber to provide repairs – or even if you’re doing the smart thing and scheduling preventive maintenance to head off plumbing issues before they occur – it’s essential to know not all plumbers are created equal. Several factors put reputable plumbing technicians a cut above the rest.

Discuss All Potential Costs

Rather than trying to confuse you with industry jargon or upsell you on parts or services you don’t really need, a qualified plumber should put your interests first by giving you honest, up-front estimates without hidden fees. They’ll also take time to explain your problem and how they plan to fix it in a language you can easily understand.

Experienced plumbers will make sure you approve of pricing for any additional parts or labor costs that might be necessary to complete the job. And, because plumbing repair can be an unexpected expense, the most reputable plumbing companies can work with you to provide financing.

Ask What Services They Provide

Today’s leading professional plumbers should stay at the top of their game by investing in the tools and cutting-edge tech to enable them to offer a comprehensive range of services, such as video sewer inspections, drain cleaning, smoke testing, and no-dig pipe repair and rehabilitation.

Research Their Reputation

It’s easy for customers who have previously worked with plumbing companies to use sites like Google Reviews to leave online comments about the quality of service they received. If you’re shopping for a plumber, it’s well worth your time to do your research and thoroughly read any reviews you can find. Abundant five-star reviews can tell you a lot about how the plumbing company treated the customers who have worked with them in the past. Your goal is to find a plumbing company you know you can trust with any issue you have now and in the future.

Hire Quality Professionals

When it comes to your plumbing and your property, your No. 1 priority should be protecting your investment, and a close second should be getting your money’s worth on the services you need. Don’t be shy about asking any plumbing company all your questions about their qualifications, experience, equipment, methods or customer service philosophy.

Freedom Plumbers is a leading locally-owned plumbing company serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Fairfax, Virginia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas. We offer more than three decades of experience at reasonable prices, and our highly trained staff and advanced equipment ensure customer satisfaction every time. Call our team to request an estimate, schedule an appointment or get emergency plumbing repairs.