Septic Systems Require Regular Maintenance

Have you noticed some funky smells in the backyard?

Maybe some overgrowth of grass in random areas, puddling.

Maybe your drains in the basement are running slow, and you live in the rural areas of Prince William County.

This may indicate that you have a septic issue. Why do I say that?

Because so did this guy, one of the nicest customers we’ve ever had, having issues with drainage.

Come to find out they had an old septic tank that was failing and they needed this.

You see, septic systems require a delicate balance of regular maintenance and how you use them makes a huge, huge difference.

That is why at Freedom Plumbers and Pumpers, septic and drain we focus heavily on the education side of all of our services from regular septic tank pump outs and cleanings to the general inspections of anything from a septic tank to a distribution box to the entire drain field.

Whenever we’re out there servicing your property, our objective is to get every bit of information that you need so you can be well-informed about what you have, and then disclose everything with you in the form of pictures, videos, and plans.

The philosophy being a well-informed customer makes very well-informed decisions.

That said, don’t get stuck with big time repairs.
Stay ahead of everything.

Do your maintenance and inspections, and if by any means you find yourself in a big problem, and you already have a price and need a second opinion, give us a call.

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