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Do Your Drains Need Holiday Cleaning?

Even this crazy year, the holidays are due — and will hopefully be about love and about family. About gratitude, and expressing thanks. And, of course, about the enjoyment of making meals and giving gifts.

Unfortunately, however, the holiday season frequently can also be derailed by plumbing problems seemingly arising out of nowhere — and the concomitant inopportune clogged drains.

The parts of the holidays that bring joy, like out-of-town guests, parties, feasts and time spent in the kitchen, are also associated with the times that spell trouble.

Certainly, nothing destroys festivities faster than a plumbing disaster.

With the season fast approaching, now is the optimal time to start planning and prepping for plumbing over-usage potential. Call a pro to come give your home drains a thorough once-over before the 12 days of Xmas or 8 days of Hanukkah descend upon your neighborhood. A sewer-and-drain cleaning visit is a great place to start.

Since 2020 also has seen a lot more time spent staying stuck (er, um, we mean), staying safe, at home, for all of us, that’s meant more of it spent in the kitchen. If you’re adding in more cooking and cleaning for company coming over — even if everyone actually sits and eats 6 feet apart — it puts a severe strain on your pipes, water mains, drains and sewage lines.

Statistics show that the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for emergency calls to plumbers (which we love, of course: to be able to come help rescue our customers!) followed closely by the day after Christmas.

Prevent A Clogged Drain Plumbing Disaster.

holiday drain cleaning To prevent plumbing disasters from ruining your days faster than Mr. Grinch can grumble, make sure to scrape food scraps into the trash can or compost bin and not down the kitchen drain or into the garbage disposal. Turkey drippings are decidedly, deceptively, dangerous. It starts off as hot liquid grease but soon solidifies into stiff candle wax once it oozes down inside pipes to cool and congeal. Rice and noodle remnants swell and plump up when introduced to hot water, breaking down into a sticky, starchy gel that further clogs pipes. If you toss in bits ‘n pieces of poultry skin, stuffing schmutz, yam yuck, dressing daubs, vegetable peels and turkey bone shrapnel and you’re gonna get a slimy, stuck sewer drain or clogged pipeline that will soon back up badly (and start to smell, to boot).

So keep your holidays fabulous and your drains clear this year. Call a Freedom Plumbers pro to come over for a prior inspection or book a video-chat visual consultation inspection designed to help you sail into 2021 unfettered by any plumbing leaks, sewage spills, drips, abrupt stoppages or burst pipe panic.

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