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Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lateral lining is one of many types of trenchless or no dig, sanitary lateral rehabilitation. There are several ways a CIPP liner can be installed. From the sewer cleanout inside your house, or from a sewer cleanout in your yard. In some cases, an open cut excavation will be needed in the basement or the yard to install the liner if other options are not available.
CIPP lateral lining rehabilitation begins with a televising of your sanitary lateral to determine if the size and condition of the lateral qualifies for the procedure. Pipe displacements, improper grade and the loss of pipe structural integrity by going from round to oval, are a few circumstances that would disqualify a pipe for CIPP.
If the pipe in need of rehabilitation is cast iron, a pipe descaling procedure will be required.
Freedom Plumbers and Plumbers, Septic & Drain specializes in three of the many methods and procedures for installing a pipe liner. Inversion method, patch point repair and pipe coating.

  • The Inversion method is designed for 4” diameter or greater pipes. This procedure allows for the rehabilitation of the entire length of the pipe or a specific point in the pipe, like a root intrusion. Our equipment and materials manufacturer, LMK Technologies, is one of a very few that gives us the ability to remotely start and stop a liner at any given point in the pipe that needs to be repaired. What that means to you is that we can install a CIPP lateral liner from an indoor or outdoor clean out, an open cut excavation site and in some cases, a toilet flange and start the liner anywhere we want and end the liner anywhere after the start of the liner. For example, let’s say that you have a 100 foot pipe that requires a repair at the 50 foot mark. We can install a 10’ liner, from a qualified access, and start the liner at 45’ and end the same at 55’. The rest of the pipe goes untouched.
  • The pipe patch point repair method is a push-in-place, point repair procedure that allows for a fiberglass felt tube, impregnated with a resin, to be carefully wrapped and secured around an inflatable bladder, then carefully pushed into the exact location where the host pipe is to be repaired. Once in place, the bladder is then inflated to a specific PSI and allowed to ambient cure. This method may require an open cut excavation in a lesser intrusive location.
  • The pipe coating method allows us to paint the pipe with multiple coats of resin. This procedure is very popular for aboveground, indoor drainage pipes that have leaks or cracks behind walls and ceilings. This method is also used to coat host pipes with tie-ins from other fixtures. Coating will not block off a tie in, unlike inversion or patch point repair, which would then require a pipe reinstatement procedure.

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