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Sewer Camera Inspection in Fairfax, Virginia

Unanticipated sewer backups can cause thousands in property damage and hours of inconvenience for Fairfax property owners. And while some insurance policies do cover cleanup and restoration costs, it’s rare for them to pay to replace and repair the sewer line or damaged property.

Sewer video camera inspection is a fundamental part of keeping your property’s sewer line working properly and effectively. A sewer camera inspection can help both residential and commercial property owners in Northern Virginia and Maryland maintain their sewer line and identify issues before they become a bigger problem.

Sewer Camera Inspection Fairfax Virginia

What is Sewer Camera Inspection?

When you order a sewer camera inspection from Freedom Plumbers, one of our trained plumbing technicians will insert a small, waterproof camera into the sewer cleanout and guide it throughout the entire length of the pipeline until it reaches the city sanitary main. Throughout the process, we will monitor the high-definition video feed and take careful note of current and potential issues in the pipe, such as leaks, cracks, breaks, blockages and root intrusion.

Fairfax plumbers rely on proper sewer camera inspections to pinpoint the exact location of any flaws or trouble spots. A sewer camera is a valuable tool because it can even identify things that don’t present a current crisis, but have the potential to develop into something much more severe. Sewer camera video inspections often mean the difference between wasting lots of time and money on guesswork, and being able to immediately assess the situation and suggest the best course of action.

Why Your Fairfax, VA Property Needs Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection is critical to keeping sewer lines in peak condition. Video camera inspections are particularly useful for preventing sewer backups before they occur. Problems that can cause a backup event are root growth and clogged, blocked, cracked or broken sewer pipes. Though a small crack or blockage may not seem like an immediate danger, these issues can quickly develop into a huge problem – and cost you a lot of time and money trying to diagnose or repair them.

In addition, the home inspection process does not assess the condition of sewer or septic lines. Getting a sewer or septic line inspection before closing on a Fairfax property is a proactive approach to make an educated buying decision, budget for maintenance needs or gain leverage on negotiating a better purchase price.

The Cost of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Fairfax

Experienced property owners in Fairfax and Northern Virginia know to view preventive measures such as a video sewer inspection as an investment. Discovering and fixing a minor issue could help keep it from developing into a much more expensive repair. Compared with the extensive costs associated with fully repairing or replacing a sewer line, it’s well worth paying the relatively affordable fee associated with a thorough video sewer inspection.

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