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Sewer Repair Springfield, Virginia

At Freedom Plumbers Springfield, we pride ourselves on being a leading service provider in the Washington D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas when it comes to repairing problematic sewer lines. We offer versatile and practical sewer repair solutions, including trenchless methods as well as traditional dig-and-repair excavation services, to provide commercial and residential properties with a variety of options to fit your timeline and budget. There are many reasons why traditional excavation sewer repair might be the right option for your property and you can trust our team of industry experts to determine the most viable solution for your unique needs.

Sewer Repair Springfield Virginia

Inspecting Your VA Pipes

The first step to solving your piping problem is to determine the exact location and cause of the complication. Using trenchless technology, our team of skilled technicians will conduct a thorough examination of your pipes’ interior with a waterproof, high-definition camera. A sewer camera inspection is a fast and reliable way to accurately assess the health of your Springfield sewer and drain lines. With the live video feed provided by the sewer camera, we will be able to determine whether the damage can be repaired with minimally invasive methods or if there is extensive damage which will require excavation services.

Common Problems That Require Excavation Services

For many years, excavation was the only method available for repairing and replacing compromised sections of pipe, but home and business owners today have more options than ever to ensure the health of your plumbing system. In some cases, excavation is the only practical repair method and is typically used in situations where the damage is extensive and severe. If the sewer or drain lines on your property are suffering from complications such as extreme corrosion or erosion, completely collapsed sections of pipe, or extensive tree root invasion, you will likely need excavation services to restore your Springfield, Virginia pipes to their peak performance.

Sewer Excavation Process

To reach the damaged section of pipe, our team of industry experts will use heavy equipment to dig trenches to expose your sewer and drain lines. We understand the importance of preserving your landscaping as much as possible, which is why our team of technicians takes every precaution to protect your property throughout the entire excavation process. We lay down protective covers such as mats, boards, and tarps to reduce the cost of cleanup crews and minimize any unnecessary damage from occurring. Once your Springfield sewer line has been repaired with durable, high-quality materials and checked for satisfactory performance, we will use the heavy equipment to backfill the trench we created. The backfill process will be determined by the location of the excavation. If trench was dug across a lawn, we will backfill the trench with soil to promote a healthy yard, and if the trench went through the pavement, the backfill process will consist of granular stone or sand to prevent the soil from shifting around your new pipe.

At Freedom Plumbers Springfield, we are proud to offer a variety of sewer repair methods, whether new or tried and true, to offer VA and MD residents with the best services available. There’s no need to suffer from plumbing problems. To restore your home or business to normal as quickly as possible, call one of our friendly associates and schedule an appointment to discuss sewer repair options today.

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Freedom Plumbers specializes in expert Trenchless Sewer Repair, both residential and commercial, including inspections, sewer lining, leak detection, snaking and plumbing. We serve the entire Washington DC, Baltimore Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas.

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