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Trenchless Pipe Bursting Service in Alexandria, Virginia

Trenchless Pipe Bursting Service in Alexandria, Virginia

For quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing, look no further than Freedom Plumbers. Our local team of plumbing contractors has the training and skills to provide quick, reliable services. If your drains or sewer pipes need professional help, give us a call and let us provide the tailor-made solution your Alexandria plumbing system needs. We are trusted by many homeowners and business owners for providing excellent solutions, including trenchless pipe bursting in Alexandria, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Knowing exactly what your plumbing system needs requires us to see inside your pipes. In the past, locating pipeline damage was a complicated process that required extensive digging of trenches through the property until the problem can be identified. With innovative sewer cameras, a better methodology is now possible. Instead of relying on heavy excavating equipment to reach your pipeline, we can get precise and accurate information without digging. Our technicians can search your property for an existing cleanout access hole, but if we can’t find one, we can dig a small and strategically located hole to gain direct access to your damaged pipes. Then, we can skillfully insert our durable sewer camera into the pipe, control it from the ground as it safely snakes through your pipeline, and watch the video footage it transmits to our ground-level monitors. The footage can show us where damage is located, what kind of damage is causing the issue, and what condition your pipeline is in. The visual of where clogs, invading tree roots, scale buildup, cracks, and other debris are can help us prepare for an effective pipe replacement service.

Alexandria Virginia Drain Pipe Sewer Cleaning

Trenchless Pipe Bursting from Freedom Plumbers

Our sewer camera video footage can help us determine the age, condition, and overall health of your sewer pipeline. If our knowledgeable sewer specialists notice heavy corrosion, breaks or misaligned joints, severe buckles, or other extensive damage, we may suggest a pipeline replacement. While Freedom Plumbers offers professional trenchless sewer repair in Alexandria, VA, and the surrounding areas, in cases where a sewer pipe is suffering from widespread damage, it may be more beneficial to install a brand-new, long-lasting pipeline. If this is your situation, we can efficiently build a new sewer pipeline without digging up and removing the old one.

Our technicians can dig two small access holes, one at the beginning of your sewer pipeline and one at the end. Then, we can insert a specialized pipe bursting head into your pipe through the entry hole. Attached to the bursting head is a new pipe, and as the head pushes forward to break apart the old pipe, the new pipe can be positioned in place. The shattered fragments of the old, damaged pipe can be pushed into the surrounding soil, eliminating the need to remove your deteriorated pipeline from the ground. When the bursting head reaches the exit hole, our expert technicians can remove it, fit the new pipe to your existing plumbing system, fill in the dirt, and leave you with a fully functional sewer line.

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Trenchless pipe bursting in Alexandria, VA, is an innovative, efficient, and economical solution, and Freedom Plumbers is skilled at providing this convenient service. To learn more about trenchless pipe bursting or any of our other services, give our local team a call or contact us online.

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