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Trenchless Sewer Repair Leesburg, Virginia

Trenchless sewer repairs are taking over the plumbing and sewer industry. Using these methods, pipeline professionals such as those at Freedom Plumbers can help Leesburg, Virginia residents avoid the excavation process and access the pipes using above-ground, noninvasive measures. Using pre-existing access points, we enter the pipes to perform every type of repair from drain cleaning to relining and beyond.

At first, it may seem like repairing a pipe without excavation might limit the method’s repair options; however, the opposite is true. Trenchless methods can be used to fix everything from minor repairs to full replacements - and at a much lower cost than traditional options which involve digging up roadways and property.

trenchless sewer repair Leesburg Virginia

Elements of Trenchless Repairs in Leesburg

  • Inspection

Before any repairs can be done, an inspection needs to be performed to see the condition of the pipes. This is accomplished with a high-definition camera that captures photos and videos of the inside of the pipes. This internal, trenchless option allows our professionals to get up close and personal with the pipes without removing them from the ground. The inspection also allows us to see the track of the pipes, which includes all of the twists, turns, and the length of the system we are working with.

  • Evaluation

Once the pipes are fully inspected, Freedom Plumbers’ experts review the video footage and evaluate the condition of the pipes. From there, we decide if a CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) repair, total replacement, or simple cleaning are necessary. We then construct a plan to complete any needed repairs from above ground, without damaging your landscape or property.

  • Cleaning

If your pipes need cleaning or CIPP relining, our professionals employ a variety of methods tailored to your particular line to get it cleared of any clogs or debris. One method used is called drain snaking.

  • Repairs

If there are cracks or holes in your pipes, it’s time for the repair process to begin. We start by lining a felt tube with an epoxy resin and feeding it into the pipes. The tube is pressed against the existing pipes’ interior, coating the entirety of the inside with the epoxy - filling any cracks or holes along the way. Hot water or steam is then used to cure the resin, so your pipes are in better than new condition less than an hour after it is applied. The epoxy liner is durable enough to keep out intruding tree branches and also to last upwards of 50 years. This one-time process will leave you with an entirely renewed system, repairing and replacing every aspect of the pipes.

Are you located in the Leesburg, VA area and are considering trenchless sewer repair as an option for you? Call Freedom Plumbers today to speak with our professionals. We want to save you time and money while providing a lasting result for decades to come.

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