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Scale Buildup Fairfax, Virginia

At Freedom Plumbers, we offer a variety of pipe services that take care of common pipe problems in Fairfax, Virginia like slow flushing drains, leaking pipes, and scale buildup. Scale buildup is one of the more serious problems that can occur within your pipes, but our team is capable of removing scale from the interior of your pipes with our affordable and state-of-the-art services. Our team is comprised of industry professionals who take the time to service your sewer and drain pipes with care and professionalism leaving you with satisfied results.

How Scale Affects Your Pipes

Scale occurs when minerals, soap scum, carbon dioxide, hard water, and more buildup within the pipelines of your Fairfax, Virginia home or business. Hard water is the biggest culprit of scale buildup because it carries the minerals like calcium, sulfate, carbonate, and magnesium through your pipelines allowing scale to stay within multiple areas. Scale not only blocks the interior of your pipes preventing water to flow through your pipes, but it does not allow for your pipes to properly heat and cool when needed throughout the year. Additionally, scale buildup causes the need for your pipes to be serviced more often than they need to be as well as increases your utility bills because your pipes are working harder than normal to provide you with water.

Our team at Freedom Plumbers understands that sometimes it is hard to tell if your pipes are suffering from scale buildup, but rust and corrosion are two of the most common way scale affects your pipes. If you are experiencing low water pressure, discoloration of water, your water has a metallic taste, or slow draining pipes, your pipes could be suffering from scale buildup.

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Scale Removal Services in Fairfax, Virginia

The best way to remove scale from your pipes is with pipe descaling. Before pipe descaling can take place, we will inspect your pipes with a quick sewer camera inspection. Sewer camera inspections utilize a small waterproof camera that moves through your pipes to show our team the severity of your scale buildup and the location of it within your pipes. When the inspection process is complete, we can utilize pipe descaling to remove all scale buildup within your pipes.

Pipe descaling is an effective drain cleaning service that is most commonly used on cast iron pipes. The pipe descaling process involves our team using a specialized machine with specific chain attachments that are attached to a rotating cable. We insert the pipe scaling machine into your pipes via a single access point and when turned on it will scrape the interior of your pipes with a rotating cable, dislodging the scale and flushing it out of your pipes.

Work with Your Trust Fairfax, Virginia Pipe Experts

If your pipes are suffering from scale buildup, contact our team of expert professionals at Freedom Plumbers to inspect and restore your drains to their normal function. We service residential and commercial properties in Fairfax, Virginia and the surrounding area, including Alexandria, Arlington, Burke, Chantilly, Dale City, Dulles, Dumfries, Falls Church, Gainesville, Great Falls, Haymarket, Herndon, Leesburg, Manassas, McLean, Springfield, Stafford, Sterling, Warrenton, Woodbridge, and Fairfax County. [Contact our team][2] today to speak to an informative and friendly associate and schedule pipe descaling services.


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