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Sewer Pipe Bursting Fairfax, Virginia

At Freedom Plumbers, we are proud to offer our sewer pipeline bursting services to the residents and business owners of Fairfax, Virginia. This trenchless procedure allows us to replace partially collapsed water and drain lines without major excavation and expenses.

How the Sewer Pipeline Bursting Process Works

Our experts at Freedom Plumbers have years of experience and knowledge with replacing pipelines in the most effective, minimally-invasive ways possible. Our commitment to incorporating trenchless technology into our workflow allows us to continually innovate and be a reliable company for our customers.

A solution that can be applied in a variety of situations, pipe bursting can be deployed to fix:

  • Breaks and misalignments in the pipes
  • Replacing old, outdated pipeline materials

Our efforts to provide our customers with more eco-friendly solutions minimize the cost of repairs while preserving the landscaping and infrastructure of the building. Pipe bursting allows us to replace damaged sewer pipes without digging large, deep trenches. The process guarantees that replacement procedures can be conducted from the inside, reducing the risk of damage along the driveways or sidewalks or sinkhole formations resulting from large-scale excavation methods.

With at least two access points required, the drilling head is injected into the host pipe, fracturing it and breaking it apart as it is pushed through the drain line. At the same time, the bursting head pulls the new, HDPE pipe along from behind, allowing it to seamlessly take the place of the old pipe as the fragments are released into the soil surrounding it.

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The Benefits of Fixing Sewer Lines With Pipe Bursting Solutions in Fairfax

Pipe bursting allows our staff to easily replace pipelines of various types, including cast iron, clay, Orangeburg, transite asbestos materials, or other fracturable pipes. In addition, pipe bursting gives our team the versatility to either install a new pipeline of the same size or even larger depending on what is needed.

With only two small access points required to complete the work, the excavation is minimal and non-invasive, preserving your property and reducing collateral damage while keeping the repair costs lower and more affordable for residential and commercial property owners in the Virginia area. This also prevents the need for repaving driveways or replacing the sidewalks, potential risks commonly associated with traditional, dig-and-replace excavation methods.

The non-invasive qualities of our pipe bursting, trenchless-based replacement solution helps reduce the likelihood of future problems occurring and producing reliable results for our customers. The HDPE pipes installed in the place of the old pipe are more durable and long-lasting than conventional materials, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the results for many years.

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If your home’s basement is flooding or your drain lines are backing up, this may indicate that you need your pipes to be replaced with sewer pipeline bursting solutions. Call Freedom Plumbers to get the assistance you need at a reliable, great price, and we will be happy to serve you.

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