Sewer Relining Fairfax, Virginia

At Freedom Plumbers, we offer trenchless solutions to fix your pipes. One great service that might work best for you is sewer relining, a process that allows us to renew sewer pipes directly from the inside. With these services at our disposal, we can guarantee that our solutions will be reliable and punctual, and customers near Fairfax, Virginia can rely on us for all of their drain line concerns.

What are Trenchless Sewer Repairs?

Trenchless sewer repairs are the new way to do plumbing differently. Trenchless repairs, also referred to as no-dig sewer line repairs, don’t require the use of backhoes or other heavy construction-type machinery. In addition, these services don’t require acquiring city permits to use the machines or digging gaping holes in yards, making these solutions easier, faster, and cheaper for customers. These repair methods can save you upwards of $10,000 on a simple sewer repair.

How Does Sewer Relining Work?

In order to guarantee that these lining services are effective and long-lasting, we first perform precise video inspections and sewer snaking services on the pipes in question. The combination of inspection and cleaning services allow us to pinpoint and identify obvious problems such as clogs or organic material obstructions while offering the preferred solution. Our snaking solutions allow us to forcibly remove these blockages from inside of the pipes, and we can even cut tree roots out of the pipes with robotic cutters if need be. Once these steps are completed, we can move forward with our sewer relining process.

Sewer relining is the use of a resin to coat the inside of damaged pipes to repair and replace injured sections. The epoxy resin takes about two hours to fully cure and coats the inside of your entire pipe. The unique qualities of the resin allow us to reinforce the sewer drain pipe without removing it. We can work from a few key points: toilet flanges, inside or outside cleanouts, basement vent stacks, and roof vents.

All of these points are established prior to our arrival, which preserves your yard. The results of our pipe lining services improve the quality of wastewater flow by offering a slick and durable surface for the waste to be transported through. With these qualities in mind, our repair methods guarantee that your pipes will be working more efficiently and reliably for decades after our installation is complete.

As a customer-service based company, our team at Freedom Plumbers is intent on preserving the quality of our customer’s properties, ensuring that their lawns, gardens, and other fixtures remain intact throughout the entirety of our visit.

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Are you experiencing troubles such as leaking pipes, burst pipes, or waste backup? These are signs of a bigger problem underground, but our team at Freedom Plumbers is ready to address these problems with professionalism. Seek a solution with our trusted company, Freedom Plumbers to get the services you need. Call us for your trenchless sewer relining today, and we look forward to working with you!