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Smoke Testing & Odor Problems Fairfax, Virginia

Our team of professionals at Freedom Plumbers is fully trained and certified to conduct leak detection services in homes and businesses across Virginia. In buildings where gas leaks can be very dangerous, and even noxious odors like sewage can be a health hazard, we take the time to pinpoint the source of these gases and offer the best solutions for fixing them.

How Smoke Testing Can Help Detect Gaseous Air Quality Problems in Fairfax Homes
Our smoke detection and testing equipment are deployed when sewer gases are entering a building from an unknown source and creating foul odors. In order to safely detect where the gases are coming from without demolishing the floors and creating more dangerous situations, we insert a controlled stream of non-toxic and odorless smoke into the sewer system.

The access point to the sewer system is predetermined and is usually an existing entry point to avoid any inconvenience with demolition. As the smoke travels through the sewer system, it will reveal the exact location where the gases are finding their way into the house by providing our experts with a visible source of the leak. Because the smoke has color and form, our technicians will be able to see it escape the point of the leak. The smoke allows us to pinpoint leaks and fix them quickly, and this is especially important when dealing with particularly poisonous gases that can be found in sewer lines, including:

• H2S (hydrogen sulfide)
• CO (carbon monoxide)
• CH4 (methane)

These gases are harmful if inhaled for long periods of time and can be difficult to locate without the proper equipment and tools. While the odors produced by H2 gases are often quite potent and are an indicator of possible leaks in the sewer drains, other gases do not produce an odor which can be dangerous for homeowners. Our smoke equipment allows us to identify where the gas leaks are and fix them in order to eliminate health concerns and restore our customer’s quality of life.

Following our diagnosis with the assistance of our drain line odor testing equipment, we can determine how to fix the source of the odor. Whether the smell is being produced by a leak or organic materials comprising a clog, we will be able to recommend the preferred course of action. If the pipes are clogged by the presence of organic waste that is producing the gas, we will first need to clean the drains with the proper snaking equipment and ensure that it can be safely removed.

Call Freedom Plumbers for Reliable Smoke Testing Odor Problem Services Across Virginia Today
If the drains in your Fairfax, Virginia residence or business building are producing foul sewage odors, you may require smoke testing detection services. Call the professionals at Freedom Plumbers as the best choice to identify where the gaseous odor is coming from and offer the best solution for fixing it. We look forward to working with you and resolving the problem so that your daily schedule and routine can go back to normal.

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