Trenchless Sewer Repair

At Freedom Plumbers, we are proud to offer trenchless sewer pipeline repair services as a better alternative to traditional dig-and-replace solutions. By also specializing in trenchless services, we can offer our customers across Virginia easier and more practical repairs that won’t be extremely costly or time-consuming.


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What are Trenchless Pipeline Solutions?

Trenchless technology is a broad term that allows our experts to rehabilitate the inside of pipes without heavy excavation. This is possible through using existing cleanouts or other access points to conduct the repairs directly inside of the pipe.

This saves our customers valuable time and money by avoiding the need for them to relocate or have the property’s water services turned off for extended periods of time. By avoiding excavation in its entirety, we also help our customers avoid the stress and inconvenience of paying city fees for large, plowing machines, rerouting traffic, or needing to remediate gaping trenches in their lawns or the sidewalk. At Freedom Plumbers, trenchless solutions have become our preferred process for fixing broken or damaged sewer lines across Fairfax, Virginia.

How Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Lining Works

In the Fairfax, Virginia area, there isn’t a better company at performing trenchless sewer repairs than Freedom Plumbers. We work tirelessly to create the best solution for you, your home, and your pipes. We evaluate the nature of the problem in the pipes with our inspection cameras. This allows us to diagnose the problem and offer an ideal solution. If we conclude that our lining efforts will be ideal for fixing the pipes, we will move forward with implementing these repair solutions.

Our trenchless sewer line repairs involve inserting an inflatable tube of resin inside your pipe. This solution is effective for fixing cracks and leaks in the pipe, as the resin fills these spaces and seals them away after hardening into a strong, durable material. This process usually only takes a few hours and is done from outside your home, in your yard, by two access spots already established.

If we notice a major crack or break in the pipe that can’t be repaired by pipelining alone, our team at Freedom Plumbers offers a specialized service called pipe bursting. We send a bursting head through your old, damaged pipe that destroys it in its place. The bursting head pulls a new pipe behind it, replacing the old pipe along the way. We insert the new pipe inside of it and seamlessly replace that section of a broken pipe. We can complete this in a few hours, as well. This process is just as easy as relining and can be finished without taking weeks to dig or excavate.

Call Freedom Plumbers for Innovative Trenchless Solutions for Your Sewer Lines

Here at Freedom Plumbers, we pride ourselves on customer service. We always strive to create the best solution for you, and we know trenchless sewer repair is it. Call us today to evaluate the need for sewer repair and talk about trenchless options, and we look forward to working with you.