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At Freedom Plumbers, we take great pride in serving our residential and commercial clients in Fairfax, Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. We are an owner-operated company that has been in business for over 30 years, and we credit our continued success to our commitment to provide our customers with excellent repair and replace services accompanied with fair prices. We are highly trained and equipped with the latest in trenchless sewer repair technology to ensure we have the best tools to get the job done right.

Our Plumbing Services Include:

• Well Pump Constant Pressure Repairs & Replacements
• Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets Service, Repairs & Replacements
• Garbage Disposal Service, Repairs & Replacements
• Tankless Water Heater Service, Repairs & Replacements
• Residential Sewer Lift Station Installations
• Shower Head & Handle Repairs & Replacements
• Septic Pumps, eFluent Pumps, E1 Pumps
• Toilet Repairs & Complete Toilet Replacements
• Whole-House Water Line Repipe
• Sump Pump, Regular or Battery Back Ups Repairs & Replacements
• Expansion Tanks & Well Tanks
• Outside Faucets & Hose Bibs

How are Plumbing Repair & Cleaning Services Approached?

Whether you have a clogged drain or a broken sewer pipe, Freedom Plumbers can help. When you call us, we’ll use our specialized high-resolution cameras to perform a video sewer inspection, allowing us to find the exact cause of your pipeline problems. Once we determine the issue, we will recommend which of our services is the best course of action.

For stubborn clogs, we often recommend sewer snaking, in which our experts insert snaking tools directly into the pipe to catch clogs and other obstructions before being pulled out of the drains directly. If a pipe is broken or damaged, we use a state-of-the-art trenchless pipe lining to repair the pipe from within, avoiding excavation and being completed within a few hours. Other services we offer include sewer line locating and excavation, smoke testing, sewer maintenance, and more. All of these services allow us to repair and rehabilitate pipeline systems with speed and accuracy, producing long-lasting results for all of our customers located in Fairfax, Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.

If you live in the greater Washington, DC area and you’re experiencing pipeline issues, there’s no reason to allow it to continue. Call Freedom Plumbers right away to schedule your consultation. We offer fair prices and financing options and are available for any situation. We are fully licensed and insured to provide the best pipe repair and replacement services in the area.

Gas & Electric Water Heater Replacement & Heater Services

We believe our customers deserve the best products and services, offering gas and electric water heater replacement and repair services as well as trenchless sewer repair and drain cleaning jobs in Fairfax, Virginia. These vital heaters make it possible for homeowners to live comfortably, so if they stop functioning properly, we guarantee that we will be able to fix the problem and get them running again.

Our customers come first, and if you run out of hot water faster than usual because of an issue with your water heater, we will repair or replace it as quickly as we can, with professional installation and affordable prices. We have the knowledge and experience to properly install both gas and electric water heaters, and in addition to providing repair and replacement services for these heaters, we also do the same for tankless water heaters. We strive to be capable of fixing every type of water heater because we want our customers to rely on us for any of their needs.

Fairfax, Virginia Trusts Freedom Plumbers for Quality Plumbing Services

Freedom Plumbers is an owner-operated company, instilling trust by making sure that the expert that answers the phone is also the one who will visit your home and fix your water heater issue. We are licensed and insured to provide experienced, professional service quickly and efficiently. If you notice any complications with your gas or electric water heater, call us for a consultation right away.

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