Same Day Septic PumpOuts, with a dab of humor 😅.

STORYTIME: My boy, Justin (13), came out in the field with me. As I began my septic pumper video report, he couldn’t help himself but do what he loves to do #PhotoBomb 😂.

Freedom Plumbers Your Sewer Repair & Drain Cleaning SpecialistsThe customer was present for the whole thing and didn’t mind the off-the-cuff moment. She was happy to see my son out and working with his Papa. #GoodFeelings (the end)

I can’t promise you a moment like this in every visit, but I can promise you that every single #PumpOut will come with a detailed pre-inspection, pump out, backwash, cleaning of the tank, a #Septic Tank Inspection, #Septic Pumper report and a Jurisdiction Written Manifest on the spot. The #BestValue of the market at the #BestPrice plumbing services.

We go the extra mile to pump your septic tank!

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COVID-19 safety ensured

Freedom Plumbers is a Proactive COVID-19 Prepared Company

As of Monday 3/16/2020, the team entered their second round of #COVID19 preparedness by getting all of the latest updates in CDC Statistics, Recommendations, Prevention supplies & Customer/Plumber interaction procedures.