Sewage Backup Fairfax, Virginia

Sewage Backup

Sewage backups are difficult to ignore. Not only are they a mess to clean up, but they can also cause internal damage to your property. Typically, sewage backups occur when an obstruction such as tree roots, debris build-up, and other blockages prevent draining and cause your toilets to overflow. Our team at Freedom Plumbers has dealt with the most troubling backups and knows the best approach to take in solving and preventing them.

Sewage Backup Symptoms and Causes

As you can imagine, the symptoms of a sewage backup can be quite obvious. Here are some of the most common signs that it is time to give a professional a call:

• Gurgling noises from drain or toilet
• Water accumulation around the basement floor drain
• Water backing up from your toilet, shower, or sink
• Unpleasant odor from drains

While the majority of backups are caused by an obstruction in your pipeline, there are a few specific types of blockages you may be experiencing. In all of these cases, a professional inspection and repair is the best way to get a lasting solution.

Common Sewer Problems

Stubborn clogs are often the source of backups. These clogs can be caused by hair, waste, or other foreign materials that become difficult to wash away. A professional cleaning using snaking is often the best solution.

Over time, repeated use will also wear down your sewage system and result in layers of build-up that restricts water flow. This build-up is unavoidable but backups can be prevented with routine, professional cleanings.

Tree root invasions can be one of the most problematic things for your plumbing system. These blockages occur when a small crack in your pipeline is invaded by a tree root. These roots are attracted to the water from your lines and will expand the crack and grow into its interior, causing serious blockages and damage. Our experts at Freedom Plumbers avoid the cost and hassle of traditional pipelining practices by using trenchless methods to quickly solve these intrusions from the inside.

Our Repairs

As with any repair, Freedom Plumbing uses the most innovative technology and expertise to give you the best sewer repair. Our technician will begin by thoroughly inspecting your sewage system to locate the root of the problem. Once we have this detailed perspective, we will propose the best solution for your situation.

Our trenchless cleaning method of drain cleaning will clear out even the most stubborn clogs while also preserving the interior of your lines. This service is essentially a hose that blasts pressurized water into your pipes to restore the flow and prepare them for any necessary repairs.

We also offer pipe lining and pipe bursting as solutions for pipes that have aged considerably and may need to be replaced. Both of these services are trenchless and do not require any additional digging or excavating.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding sewage backup, then make sure to call the experts at Freedom Plumbers as soon as possible. We can perform an inspection and see what the source of the problem is with your plumbing. We can also make sure that there aren’t potential issues in the future.


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