At Freedom Plumbers, we are proud to offer our sewer video inspection services to our customers near Fairfax, Virginia. With our advanced equipment and knowledgeable staff members, we have everything we need to fix sewer drain lines quickly and efficiently through our inspection techniques.

Why Video Camera Inspections are Important

Prior to the implementation of trenchless technology, inspection services were often conducted from the exterior, requiring heavy excavation to expose the pipe before the diagnosis could begin. Because experts couldn’t gain a clear look at the inside of the pipes, the exterior inspections could lead to inaccurate diagnostics and result in problems later on.

Our team at Freedom Plumbers has placed strong emphasis on making our sewer video inspection and leak detection services readily available for every drain cleaning and diagnostics service request. Freedom Plumbers is one of a select few drain specialist companies that has 1 to 3 cameras on every single service truck and trenchless service trailer, ensuring that the information our friendly experts provides are supported with visual facts and accuracy.

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How our Sewer Pipeline Video Inspection Process Works

With our trenchless-based sewer video inspection services, we can gain clear visual confirmation of the problem at hand through inserting the cameras directly into the pipe. This allows us to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem and allow us to approach the best repair methods. Our solutions can range from a simple snaking procedure to relining the entire pipe with our epoxy resin-coated liners, but no matter what we recommend, we can guarantee that the work will be accurate and specific to each situation we encounter.

Our sewer camera inspection services are highly recommended for the following scenarios:

  • Following the completion of our drain line cleaning and snaking services, our cameras can help determine if the obstruction was completely removed.

  • Our cameras are used to identify possible plumbing defects that may be located above or below ground depending on the symptoms.

  • New homebuyers can schedule a sewer video inspection appointment to determine if the sewer system in the new home is in ideal condition before closing on the purchase.

  • Our camera inspections can serve as a second opinion to determining if potentially costly sewer line repair or replacement services are required.

  • If homeowners are interested in expanding their property or remodeling their home, mapping out the pipeline network with our cameras can be invaluable to ensuring that any future work done on the property isn’t damaging.

With all of the benefits that sewer camera inspections offer, our team at Freedom Plumbers is always prepared to offer these services to address all of our customer’s needs and concerns.

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At Freedom Plumbers, we encourage our customers to invest in sewer camera inspections regularly in order to protect their pipes from future problems. If your pipes are clogged or draining slowly, don’t hesitate to call us to perform an inspection today and learn more about the condition of your pipes without excavation.