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Sewer Excavation
At Freedom Plumbers, our excavation services can be utilized to replace faulty pipelines of varying types and diameters in Fairfax. This can be done through the careful excavation and exposure of a utility that needs to be fixed.

When are Traditional Excavation Sewer Line Replacement Services Recommended?
How we approach Sewer Excavation procedures.
Sewer Relining Fairfax, Virginia
Sewer Relining Fairfax, Virginia
How Does Sewer Relining Work? When are Traditional Excavation Sewer Line Replacement Services Recommended?

Traditional, dig-and-replace-based work places an emphasis on digging trenches to conduct the repairs. This requires large machinery and labor crews to help dig the trench and ensure that it is deep enough to not only expose the pipe but allow our experts to replace the faulty section of the sewer line as well. This process of pipe replacement is typically recommended when:

  • Sections of the pipeline have collapsed
  • The pipes are heavily eroded
  • The pipes have extensive tree root blockages and growth
    In these situations, other trenchless-based solutions won’t be effective. The epoxy pipe lining process can’t rehabilitate pipelines that have collapsed or eroded, otherwise, the liner can’t be supported, and drain snaking tools are only able to remove small-scale clogs and blockages. Because of this, sewer excavations are recommended for these scenarios across Fairfax.

Schedule Service How we approach Sewer Excavation procedures.

At Freedom Plumbers, we operate with special care to the property we are working on by laying down protective mats, plywood, and tarp as needed. These features help protect the property from the machine being navigated on the property and allows us to allocate the dirt upheaved by the trench digging. We take all necessary precautions to protect your home and business by keeping our work managed accordingly, minimizing collateral damage.
For situations when the faulty portions of the water or drain line are located underneath grass or soft dirt, this makes the digging process easier for our technicians and less expensive for our customers. By reducing the amount of time needed to dig the trenches, the water services don’t need to be shut off as long and the pipeline section replacements can be done more quickly. Over the course of days or weeks, our technicians will perform the repairs as accurately and safely as possible.
After the pipe has been replaced, we will backfill the trench that we created, and the materials we use are based on where the digging took place to be more effective and reliable. If our trench needed to be dug on a grassy or vegetative area of land, we will backfill a trench with the soil, and seed and sod can be included as well to help the surface plant life grow back more quickly. In cases when the trenches needed to be excavated through the pavement, we backfill the trench with granular stone or sand to prevent the soil from shifting and adversely affecting the pipe.

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    At Freedom Plumbers, we offer trenchless solutions to fix your pipes. One great service that might work best for you is sewer relining, a process that allows us to renew sewer pipes directly from the inside. With these services at our disposal, we can guarantee that our solutions will be reliable and punctual, and customers near Fairfax, Virginia can rely on us for all their drain line concerns.

      Schedule Service trenchless-sewer-line-repairs What are Trenchless Sewer Repairs?

      Trenchless sewer repairs are the new way to do plumbing differently. Trenchless repairs, also referred to as no-dig sewer line repairs, don’t require the use of backhoes or other heavy construction-type machinery. In addition, these services don’t require acquiring city permits to use the machines or digging gaping holes in yards, making these solutions easier, faster, and cheaper for customers. These repair methods can save you upwards of $10,000 on a simple sewer repair.

        Schedule Service sewer-relining How Does Sewer Relining Work?

        To guarantee that these lining services are effective and long-lasting, we first perform precise video inspections and sewer snaking services on the pipes in question. The combination of inspection and cleaning services allows us to pinpoint and identify obvious problems such as clogs or organic material obstructions while offering the preferred solution. Our snaking solutions allow us to forcibly remove these blockages from inside of the pipes, and we can even cut tree roots out of the pipes with robotic cutters if need be. Once these steps are completed, we can move forward with our sewer relining process.
        Sewer relining is the use of a resin to coat the inside of damaged pipes to repair and replace injured sections. The epoxy resin takes about two hours to fully cure and coats the inside of your entire pipe. The unique qualities of the resin allow us to reinforce the sewer drainpipe without removing it. We can work from a few key points: toilet flanges, inside or outside cleanouts, basement vent stacks, and roof vents.
        All these points are established prior to our arrival, which preserves your yard. The results of our pipe lining services improve the quality of wastewater flow by offering a slick and durable surface for the waste to be transported through. With these qualities in mind, our repair methods guarantee that your pipes will be working more efficiently and reliably for decades after our installation is complete.
        As a customer-service-based company, our team at Freedom Plumbers is intent on preserving the quality of our customer’s properties, ensuring that their lawns, gardens, and other fixtures remain intact throughout the entirety of our visit.

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