How often do you clean your drains?

We are going to make an assumption that because you are on our website, the answer is almost never. And this is not a negative attribute, in fact, most people don’t clean their drains. Because you are taking initiative to find a professional drain cleaning service, this makes you smarter than the average bear.

Sewer Snake Drain Cleaning

Why Do Drains Need Cleaning

We will spare you the more gruesome of details but your drain can be a disgusting space. Your bathroom sink must contend with hair, toothpaste, and the various toiletries that get washed down the drain. With all that material going down the drain, it can coalesce quite quickly. If you are experiencing a slow draining bathroom sink, the most likely culprit is a blockage and sewer snake drain cleaning is what you may need performed.

Other drains that experience an abnormal amount of abuse are your shower drains, kitchen sinks, and yes, the toilets. Grease, chemicals, waste, all of these items can cause problems for your indoor plumbing.

clogged pipeTo make matters even more complicated, all of your waste water must also drain to the sewer. To do this, there is only one pipe that connects your home to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. This creates a natural bottleneck on your home’s plumbing, and any blockages can be compounded on their way out.

There can be larger issues than a simple blockage. Older pipes can spring leaks and crack, making holes. This allows water to leak outside, which causes damage and mold.

If you are experiencing slow draining appliances, basement flooding, noisy pipes, and bad smells emanating from your plumbing, your drains need a cleaning.

Sewer Snake Drain Cleaning

Having professionals come to your home to clean out your plumbing will not only alleviate the immediate problems but they can also pinpoint future issues. Freedom Plumbers has years of local experience and highly trained professionals that will give your drains a professional cleaning and inspection.

We only use licensed technicians and everyone on the team is a career plumber. You can rest easy trusting us inside your home. We will treat your property like it was ours. Covering our work boots and preventing any water damage before it even happens.

Sewer Video Inspection

Drain Cleaning Process

The drain cleaning process is relatively straightforward. Using high-pressure water, we snake a tool, resembling a lawn sprinkler, but 100 times stronger, into your pipes. The high-pressure water pulverizes anything that could be blocking your drain.

Our team is also equipped with LED cameras that offer a first-hand look at the problem. By using this technology, we can pinpoint precisely what is causing your drain to be backed up. This saves you money and time, allowing our professionals to accurately target the right area.

We pride ourselves on transparency and efficiency. Unlike some other plumbing companies, when we save you time and money, we win as well. We look where the sun never shines. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to have your drains cleaned: 703-215-9865.

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