Slow Drains?

Slow Drains?

Slow drains are one of the most common, troubling symptoms when it comes to plumbing. There are many tempting home remedies and chemical solutions that claim to clear up your drain safely, but they can actually cause more damage if you are not careful. If you are experiencing slow drains that take too long to empty or drains that need cleaning, then make sure to call the experts at Freedom Plumbers.

Why do I have a slow drain?

There are many reasons why your drain may be slower than usual – most being blockages in your pipelining system. Slow drains in your kitchen or bathroom are most common as they receive the most waste.

Slow Bathroom Drain

The most common reason for a slow bathroom drain is due to hair and soap build-up. Hair that is washed down your drain forms a type of net that slows down the flow of water and makes it easier for other debris to build up.

Slow Kitchen Drain

As you can imagine, slow kitchen drains are often due to food particles building up and causing clogs. Grease and other sediments can also cause blockages that restrict water flow. This is made even worse when grease solidifies in your pipe, allowing it to catch any food or waste on its way down.

Sewer Line Problems

If you are experiencing routine clogs or backups, it may be a more serious problem that involves your sewer lines. These lines may be blocked by stubborn clogs or tree roots that have made their way into your system. Collapsing pipes or deterioration can also cause slower drains. If you are experiencing sewer line problems, it is important to call an expert immediately to avoid more damage and repair costs.

Solutions for Slow Drains

If you are experiencing slow drains, Freedom Plumbing has the technology and know-how to restore the flow back to your plumbing system quickly.

If a crack or tree root intrusion is causing your drain to be slow, trenchless pipe lining may be the solution. This technique allows us to seal up cracks or holes in your pipes to prevent future damage and reduce your risk for intrusions. Pipelining also allows us to completely rehabilitate your pipes without any need to dig or excavate.

If you have a serious crack or collapsed line, pipe bursting might be the service you need. As with our other methods, pipe bursting is a trenchless service that allows us to replace your broken pipe without the need to excavate. With pipelining, we effectively create a new, smooth pipe within the old pipe. Once the new pipe is created, the old pipe will no longer be used and will be left in the ground.

If you are experiencing a slow drain, calling a professional at Freedom Plumbers will eliminate any guesswork so that we can restore your lines to full functionality. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how can we solve the most common plumbing problems.