Trenchless Water Line Replacement

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Trenchless Water Line Replacement

At Freedom Plumbers, we use trenchless technology and conventional dig-and-replace methods to replace broken or faulty water lines. Trenchless water line replacement allows you to save money and time rehabilitating your pipes while investing in a process that is safe and produces long-lasting results.

 Water Pipe Replacement Options 

At Freedom Plumbers, we practice various methods for replacing water lines depending on the situation, including:

Specialized Water Line Pulling

Waterline pulling involves pulling out the existing pipe and seamlessly pulling the new pipe into the system from behind. To do this, two access pits are dug through which a ½ inch cable is fed through from end to end. One end is connected to a soil displacement puller head, then a welding chemical is used to fill the waterline. This fuses the cable to the waterline so that the new water line can be fed through. An industrial water line puller is placed at the other end of the line which enables the water line pull to be started. This process is safe, effective and efficient.

This method differs from other trenchless technologies which typically create new routes. When the route is placed in a new area, there is no guarantee that the soil conditions are the same, creating unexpected and uncertain risks. The Freedom Plumbers method utilizes the existing route in order to place a brand new water line. This vastly reduces the risk of hazards and potential damage caused by uncertain conditions and gives you peace of mind that you are well clear of any risk posed by conflicting utilities that can be affected by the position of the new water line, such as power lines, communication cables, gas lines, and your sewer.

Directional Boring

Directional boring utilizes a drill that makes its way underneath existing utilities such as those mentioned above, as well as driveways, sidewalks and other fixtures. Boring in this manner allows you to replace your water line from the curbside water meter all the way to the house or commercial building with very little excavation and preparation.

Pneumatic Missile Installation

This method involves using a pneumatic missile to create a path for a new water line. Two excavation sites are made from the curb to the building access site by carefully aiming the missile along the intended path. Once the missile reaches the destination point, the new water line is fed through the missile and connected from end to end.

Conventional Excavation

This process uses standard excavation practices to dig up the old water line so that a new one can be installed in its place.

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