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Well Pump Services
Well Pump Maintenance
Checklist to Ensure A Well Pump Is Operating Properly:
Annual Well Check-up For Well Pump Service Northern Virginia:
Safety Precautions For Well Pump Service Prince William County:
Well Pump Maintenance

Well pump maintenance solutions in Prince William County and Loudoun County, are provided by your friendly neighborhood experts at Freedom Plumbers and Pumpers, Septic & Drain. If you have a water source from a private underground well then it’s your responsibility for its safety. Most water wells are expertly engineered and designed to deliver groundwater for drinking, irrigation, and other purposes. We provide expert technicians who know how to diagnose and make a well repair. We provide the necessary equipment such as pumps and well tanks. We spend hours of training to ensure that our Licensed Plumbers know how to properly make repairs on wells and ensure safe drinking water.

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  • Well Depth: Tie a weight on a tape and measure it.
  • Well Yield: Know how many gallons per minute the well tests at by measuring the distance the water level drops and how fast the level recovers.
  • Well Cap: The well cap should be secure and at least 6 inches above ground level.
  • Disinfection: The well should be properly disinfected.
  • Well Construction Record: It’s imperative to maintain a copy of the well records, not only for the current homeowner, but for a future homeowner.
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Annual Well Check-up For Well Pump Service Northern Virginia:

  • A flow test will determine the well system’s output. The pump motor performance and the pressure tank and pressure switch contact will be tested.
  • An inspection of the well equipment will assure the well sanitary meets local code requirements. If a well repair is necessary, a written quote will be provided.
  • A test of your water is performed for coliform bacteria, nitrates and anything else of local concern. Other additional tests for iron, manganese, water hardness, sulfides and other water constituents that can cause harm to your homes plumbing, cause staining and order, will be performed.
  • A concise written report will be delivered to you about well pump service Indianapolis in order to maintain your maintenance records and any recommendations for a well repair.
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Safety Precautions For Well Pump Service Prince William County:

  • Keep hazardous chemicals, such as paint, fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil at lest 50 feet away from your well.
  • Check the well cover and well cap on top of the casing periodically to ensure it is tightly sealed.
  • Get your water tested anytime you notice a change in the color, smell or taste.
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At Freedom Plumbers, we encourage our customers to invest in sewer camera inspections regularly in order to protect their pipes from future problems. If your pipes are clogged or draining slowly, don’t hesitate to call us to perform an inspection today and learn more about the condition of your pipes without excavation.