Sewer Clogs

If you’re located in Fairfax County and have been experiencing trouble with your sewer system or water, look no further than Freedom Plumbers! Whether you’re in need of a routine maintenance check or a major repair, Freedom Plumbers is ready to handle your next challenge with professionalism and efficiency.

One of the most common issues home and business owners encounter is sewer clogs. Though they may seem simply annoying, they can quickly become a damaging force. Read on to learn more about being proactive in your home, and what to do about a clog!

Typically, homeowners in Fairfax County are vigilant when it comes to landscaping maintenance, roof repair, and keeping insulation updated seasonally. Sewer systems, however, tend to be an “out of sight, out of mind” scenario. Ignoring sewer issues can have drastic consequences, however, as raw sewage can back up into your yard or basement, the pipes can burst, toilets can overflow, and extensive water damage can plague your home without fast repair services.

Most experts recommend ordering a sewer camera inspection and routine drain cleaning service on an annual basis. This keeps your pipes functioning at optimal velocity, not to mention catches small problems before they become major disasters.

Any time of year is suitable, as long as outdoor temperatures are warm enough for the ground to be soft. Ideally, however, you should consider the busiest periods for your household. Many homeowners choose to schedule their cleaning in late spring, just before kids are off school and their plumbing sees a lot of additional traffic. Another great time is in early autumn, prior to the busy holiday season. These and other occasions can stretch the capabilities of your plumbing; it is best to ensure you’ve got an optimally working system on your hands before testing it to its limit!

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If you’re experiencing slow or stagnant drains, low water pressure, suddenly high water bills, even with regular usage, gurgling sounds in your pipes, lingering odors of sewage, or other issues, you very likely have a clog. For reliable, fast service, contact Freedom Plumbers, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!